Life Is About Overcoming, and Not Being Overcome.

Lately I’ve felt real down in the dumps. I wake up every morning inexplicably sad. Even the easiest tasks seem daunting and impossible i.e getting out of bed. I’ve been using the word overcome to describe why it’s so difficult. Whatever I set out to do, I just can’t for the life of me do it or finish it. 


I know that sounds so silly, but it’s common and I know my feelings are not unique. Sometimes people have a reason for being down and other times they don’t, but both are totally normal. Life is about overcoming and not being overcome. Struggles & pain bring strength and wisdom. Life is not a straight shot up, it’s full of peaks & valleys.


It’s v. important to be transparent with you; you can’t just see the good in my life, without seeing the crummy parts. Life can be sucky for everyone, despite the beautiful, staged feeds you see. Behind those screens are hurting people.


Life is full of being overcome, but eventually overcoming. It’s up to you to not stay there, even if your feelings don’t match up, they eventually will. Go out and do the things you set out to do that day. It’s not an all or nothing situation, the day is not over until it’s over, so just do it (Nike was on to something)!  One day, your trials will make sense, but for now carry on day by day with strength remembering that this is not the end.